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Wake up to a spoonful of Irish Breakfast

Wake up to a spoonful of Irish Breakfast

Does it ever seem to you that there are a million little distinctions in the tea-loving universe? It's ironic, since tea itself is simply leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant that are steeped in water. Well, unless you're talking about herbal tea. And then of course the way the leaves are treated after they're plucked results in all sort of different teas, like white, black, green and Oolong. And certainly some people put milk and sugar in tea, but some prefer lemon ... see what we mean about the little distinctions?

Here at Two Leaves and a Bud, we pride ourselves on keeping an open mind to all of these little distinctions that make tea so personal. (You might say that we take tea personally. We say that all the time, in fact.) So let's dissect another little distinction, shall we? We've all heard about English Breakfast, so what the heck is Irish Breakfast?

The good news: Irish Breakfast is not English Breakfast that's been dyed green and sold by a leprechaun. The bad news: Like a lot of things, it depends who you ask. English Breakfast is a blend of black teas that's meant to brew up strong and black. Irish Breakfast is the same thing, but perhaps even more strong and rich. "It's tea you can chew on," our own CEO and founder, Richard Rosenfeld, has said in the past, which indicates how well this tea actually would pair with milk. Often, Irish Breakfast's blend leans heavily on black teas from Assam, India, giving this blend more of a malty flavor, and often brews up a deep reddish color.  For the best example of tea from Assam, India, we'd point you no farther than our own Organic Assam Breakfast tea, which comes from these lowlands in northern India, along the Brahmaputra River. The climate is just like stepping into a greenhouse, and there really is something to the "terroir" of tea, just like wine. Where the crop is grown imparts a distinct flavor.

This will make you want to try some Irish Breakfast, right? Here's the best news of all: all of our loose teas are on sale now thru 10/11/15, and Irish Breakfast is one of them! Get 20 percent off our loose teas with promo code LooseTea20 at checkout. Within that loose tea sale, you'll find some really interesting, limited edition teas, and if you have questions about those, by all means, reach out and ask us so we can blog about it and educate everyone!

One last thing: One of our customers recommends an interesting pairing of Irish Breakfast tea with Irish Whiskey. We like the sound of that, especially as the temperatures are dropping and we need a warm-up. Maybe we just won't drink that pairing at breakfast, because we do have to get some work done around here, believe it or not. Cheers, tea lovers!

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