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First Flush Darjeeling Tea

First Flush Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling tea is a tea from the Darjeeling region in West Bengal, India. Darjeeling tea cannot be grown or manufactured anywhere else in the world. Just as Champagne is indigenous to the Champagne district of France, so is Darjeeling Tea to Darjeeling.

Traditionally, Darjeeling teas are classified as a type of black tea. Many Darjeeling teas also appear to be a blend of teas oxidized to levels of green, oolong, and black. Our Darjeeling Tea combines the delicate nature of green tea with the robust character of black teas.
The 1st Flush is harvested in mid-March following spring rains, and has a gentle, very light color, aroma and mild astringency

Two leaves and a bud has found an Organic Darjeeling that is light in texture, but incredibly rich, with just a hint of sharpness.† This is the perfect afternoon tea, astringent and light in color.

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