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Two leaves and a bud is Fair Trade Certified. We are looking to increase our range of Certified Fair Trade Teas every day. We are also a founding member of the Trust Organic Small Farmers Initiative. In the global market, small family farms are at a disadvantage, even if they are certified Fair Trade, because they produce on a smaller scale. If they compete with large Fair Trade Certified farms, they can not be as cost effective.

The TOSF initiative builds markets for these farms. We support small family run tea gardens. Many small farmers are not able to make a living, unable to make enough to cover the costs of growing their own tea. It is of the utmost importance that we as a company support the preservation of traditional farming methods and help to overcome the disadvantages for small organic farmers. In doing so we will all benefit from higher quality teas, raising the bar for premium quality Organic and Fair Trade teas. Two leaves and a bud has taken action towards this cause and actively participated in initiating and partnering in the Trust Organic Small Farmers. We are interested in pushing forward our new common alliance by trying to implement innovative grass-root projects for sustainable development.

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