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An Organic Green Tea with Italian Orange
East meets West in this Japanese green tea blend which has all the taste of a full leaf green tea. (Good green tea is green, not brown!) We add the flavor of famous Italian red oranges, which adds a tanginess to this Japanese favorite. Sencha is the most consumed tea in Japan. It is long leafed tea, finished in the sun. (Other Japanese teas are covered at the end of the growing season.) Our Orange Sencha includes sunflowers, orange peel and just a hint of Italian red orange flavor to add just a hint of sweet & spicy to this classic green tea.

In August, Trent of Tea Views reviewed our tea...
Two Leaves and a Budís Organic Orange Sencha marries Italian red oranges with full leaf Japanese green tea in this harmonious fusion of Eastern and Western flavors. The second I opened my tea tin, I was greeted by a strong tangy aroma, followed by rich floral notes. However, I thought that the tangy aroma overpowered the more delicate florals. The loose tea leaves were comprised mainly of rather large and long leaves, with a fair amount of sunflower petals and the occasional twig.

On to the tea liquor itself, it was somewhat of a finicky brew, but tasted amazing when prepared correctly. First, I used a gaiwan to brew 5 grams of tea with 8 ounces of water at 175F for 90 seconds. I was unimpressed with the subdued, lackluster flavor this brew yielded. Second, I brewed a fresh set of leaves with an increased steep time of 120 seconds. These parameters produced a superb liquor - a slightly tangy top note, followed by a smooth yet light body, and a refreshing floral aftertaste. The second infusion (for 130 seconds) yielded a cloudy liquor with a more pronounced sencha taste and subdued orange accents.

Overall, I would rate this tea 8.5/10 - a harmonious blend of a smooth yet light sencha and refreshingly tangy Italian red oranges.

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