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This incredible Japanese tea is steamed as it dries, yielding a sweet, light flavor with no bitterness. Like all high quality Japanese green teas, this tea is green, not brown."Tama" means round."(R) yokucha" means green tea - so "round green tea." This extremely green tea is finished in the shade - it is covered for the last few weeks of growth to preserve the chlorophyll. This gives it a full and complex flavor. It is a "Gyokuro" style tea - the most sought-after of all Japanese green teas.

One Reviewer described it as follow:
"Tamayokucha is a delicious green tea. I was impressed by the flavorful, yet mild vegetal taste. I have steeped and enjoyed several cups of this tea, at times adding sweetener and at times playing around with steeping times. I enjoyed one cup with Sugar-In-The-Raw, but prefer drinking with no sweetener at all. Ironically, sweetener takes away from the vegetal quality that surprisingly I enjoyed tremendously."

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