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Two Leaves and a bud got raved reviews for it's fabulous Earl Grey and most of the time a six star rating. See what people have to say, and why our organic teas are exceptional!

"I am a huge Earl Grey drinker and have ordered numerous teas from around the US and abroad...but Two Leaves and a Bud is hands down the most flavorful and aromatic Earl Grey I've ever had.

It may be a little more pricey than the off-the-shelf teas like Twinings, but it is worth the money." - November 25, 2008

"I'm a much happier person since Two Leaves came on the scene. At last, good, affordable tea that isn't what's left over after making tea. The flavor is true and full without an overdose of perfume. The bags are a wonder to behold. And I do: It's especially nice watching Two Leaves jasmine steep, flowers unfolding. I haven't had jasmine this good since the tea garden in Golden Gate Park. I think that was 1969.... Treat yourself." - February 13, 2008

"I have been searching for an Earl Grey that isn't too heavy with bergamot, but yet with a lot of flavor. This is it! And the quality of the tea is superb. The large bags contain full leaves, not dust and fannings. This is a high quality, delicious Earl Grey. I am hooked." - January 30, 2008

"Two Leaves and a Bud Organic Earl Grey tea is simply delicious. Each box comes with one hundred mesh bags of whole tea, not the dust and debris you'll find in cheaper brands. The tea itself is flavorful and delicious, with none of the aftertaste of commercial brands. As a single person, I hesitated to purchase so many tea bags at once. However, it is definitely worth the investment, as the tea comes in sealed individual plastic bags and tastes superior to tea from Starbucks or Lipton. The tea has a delicate but full flavor, and NO sugar is necessary to make the tea delicious. In addition to making hot tea, you can also use the bags to make incredible iced tea. Simply make the tea at double strength and poor over ice. Again, no sugar is needed - making this tea a good beverage for those of us watching their sugar intake" - May 26, 2007

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