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Why not serve your guests and Family a steaming cup of organic tea for Christmas? here are our favorite warming, flavorful we recommend you serve on this very special day:

Mountain High Chai
Organic black tea with special Indian spices.
Chai is typically made with black tea and a variety of sweet flavors such as cinnamon and orange peel. two leaves and a bud offers a traditional chai that starts with true Assam tea (not cheap "blending tea") and adds only the true ingredients of chai: Cinnamon, Clove, and Cardamom. Fabulous with milk and honey!

Earl Grey
Organic Full-Leaf Ceylon Tea & Bergamot
Our Earl Grey starts with a great quality, organic large leaf, sweet black tea (not "blending teas") from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). We add just a hint of pure bergamot oil to create the famous Earl Grey taste.

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