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Today we did a tasting of Chamomile that we are now packing in Sri Lanka. This was some of the last of our available chamomile and it had a lot of stems in the original lot. In removing the stems, the tea became very dusty; it had many fewer of the full chamomile flower "heads" that we love.

So we start, thinking this should pretty much taste the same as what we have had before - after all, it is the same chamomile; just more broken-up.

Well, everyone in the office, as well as Eric our web-guy (who got me started on this whole blog-thing and happened to be visiting) agreed that the broken up flowers actually taste better!

So, if you get some chamomile from us that seems less floral, please taste it! If you don't like it, we are always happy to offer you a full refund or credit for one of our other teas.

Chamomile is being harvested now (January) in Egypt where our favorite, lemon-y tasting Chamomile grows.



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  • jhmielowski

    April 7, 2009 at 7:49 am

    I have noticed a difference in leaves as well with a few of my orders. One order had a bit more broken flowers and indeed it was tastier than ever.

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