Two Leaves and a Bud Blog

Do you have some of our tea? have you drank or tea before? We want you to taste and review our Two Leaves and a Bud teas, weather it is one of our organic green tea, white tea, or black tea. To help you with the task at hand here are the questions to ask yourself when sampling one of tea:

1. Describe the appearance of the dry leaves. Are they whole or broken? Are the leaves twisted or flat, regular or uneven?
2. Describe the color of the tea liquor (liquid).
3. Close your eyes and inhale. What does it smell like?
4. Now, slurp the tea-don't worry about making loud noises. Spread it all over your tongue and mouth. What flavor notes do you detect?
5. Finally, swallow the tea. Is the finish (or aftertaste) long or short, meaning do the flavors dissipate quickly or last for a while in your mouth? What flavors remain?
6. Most importantly, consider whether you like the tea and would purchase it.

Now email us and be honest with your tea review!

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