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Here are Two Leaves and a Bud, top four tips to brewing a betta' cup of tea. But first and foremost, use one of our great organic teas!

1. Water: If you have good drinking water from your faucet, then use it. Otherwise, use bottled water or filtered water.

2. Temperature: in a kettle, bring the cold water to boiling and turn off the heat. Let it sit a few minutes before pouring into the teapot. In the meantime, condition the teapot by putting a small amount of hot water in it, swish it around, and pour it out. This will help prevent the teapot from cracking when the hot water is poured in, and also helps keep the teapot warm.

Generally for green tea, the hot water temperature should be low, about 180 degree water. For black Tea, the water temperature is higher at about 200 degrees.

3. Loose Tea Leaves: No need for those! just use one of Two Leaves and a Bud gourmet tea sachet.

4. Steep: Pour the hot water over the sachet and steep 2-5 minutes covered: generally for green tea let sit 2-3 minutes; for black tea let sit 3-5.

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  • John

    June 8, 2015 at 1:06 pm

    Why do you say no need for loose leaf? Doesn’t require manufacturing a bag. You can use the exact amount needed. Leaves have room to expand.

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