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Just returned from the Specialty Coffee Show in Atlanta. Not too much in the way of super-exciting new product; the show was more about incremental change. The biggest thing (in this writer's humble opinion): Coffee Siphons. I predict different forms of siphons will be the rage in coffee shops within just a few years. (It will take time for the technology to disseminate.)

Some of you may know that a year ago Starbucks purchased a controlling interest in the Clover machine. Clover's concept was to "add the artistry of a latte to basic American coffee" and to allow the consumer to choose what sort of coffee they would like fresh brewed. For those of you who have not seen one of these machines, imagine a semi-automated french press. Very cool; very good coffee. The siphon, however, is much much cooler - the consumer gets to not only choose his coffee, but to see it brew in the siphon.

The two leaves team and I saw siphons at Blue bottle coffee in San Francisco. Very, very cool. Very, very good coffee. (Didn't try the tea!)

I see there are now home versions available from, among others, Bodum. So... look for coffee siphons!


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