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chai-tasting1chai-blending1The holiday aroma is among us here in the office.... Richard is busy mixing and brewing different variations for this year's new Organic Chai blend.  There are bits of cloves, cinnamom, pepper and cardamom blown around by the wind and ground into the carpet! Smells yummy! When brewing up Chai blends with so many ingredients you need to brew up at least two cups each to account for all the size variations  and potency of the spicy flavors. It takes many different mixtures and lots of slurping to match up to our current Chai flavor profile! Love all the spicy smells but reminds me too much of winter! Not yet!! It has been in the 80's and I am not quite ready to start thinking about sitting by the fire with Hot Chai quite yet! The summers up here in the Rocky Mountains are short enough as it is! Richard is still working on the blend so in the meantime I will go have a nice tall glass of ICED Goji Berry Green Tea!

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