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Presenting ... Our three new medicinal teas!

Have you heard? We've got three new medicinal teas here at two leaves and a bud. Do you know what they're called?

Hold that thought. It's not easy to name new tea. At two leaves, we had pet names for our three new teas long before we had official names — we walked around the office calling them "Sleepy," "Wake up" and "Belly." Obviously, we knew what we were talking about, but we needed something more official for our customers — something that got across their benefits to the tea drinker, and made them uniquely ours.

And let me tell you, some weird things happen when you start brainstorming. All three should have similar names, so they can be grouped together ... so, uh, what about song titles? "Sleepy" becomes "I wanna be sedated," "Wake up" becomes "Wake me up" (as in, "before you go-go") and "Belly" becomes "Tea for tummies" (instead of "Tea for two").

I actually wrote these down. Face it — my worst ideas often make the best blog posts.

Or how about "A cup of perk up," "A cup of calm down" and "A cup of relief"? Can someone pour me a cup of inspiration?

After multiple visits to, you do things like look at how other companies name their medicinal teas. We needed more ideas, and we wanted to see what's popular. At this point, owner and founder Richard Rosenfeld became all too familiar with the tea names that amused me the most, because I told him every day. These include "Smooth Move" (if you hadn't guessed, that's laxative tea), "Mother's Milk" (for lactation; men need not apply), "Get Lost" (that's weight loss tea, even if it sounds like it might give you bad breath and fend of your enemies) and "Calming Moon" (not for werewolves).

Once we really buckled down (read: Richard set a deadline and we all panicked), we started thinking about what we've promised you, our faithful tea drinkers, over the years. It's on our T-shirts, it's on the boxes: "A better cuppa' tea." And speaking of better, what we want from these teas is to help you live a better life, sun-up to sun-down. So, how about the "Better Being Teas"? We were on to something.

So, we're delighted to introduce "Better Morning Blend," "Better Belly Blend" and "Better Rest Blend." We don't think there's much guesswork about what these teas might do to help you have a better day, live a better life, or drink a medicinal tea because it tastes, well, better.


That's Kelly, buried behind all those boxes of new tea we received earlier this week.

And at the end of the day, who doesn't want to be better?

"Mo' betta!" is something Richard is fond of saying. I don't know why; it's just one of his things, like toe socks and baking pie.

We hope you check out our three "Better Being Teas." They are caffeine-free herbal teas that taste great and individually help you get out of bed in the morning, soothe your stomach after any meal, or settle in for the night. We'll be blogging more about them in the future, and we certainly want to hear what you think.

And don't even get me started on what it's like to sit down with Lindsay, our brilliant graphics girl, and look at page after page of Pantone colors to decide what shades these three boxes of tea should be. That's a whole other story.

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  • Linda B

    March 24, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    I understand completely! I was making a relaxing aromatherapy massage oil and decided to name it “Calm Down” – similar to one of your potential tea names. I decided to change the name when a young girl looked at a tester and declared “Calm Down” to which her mother gave an exasperated gasp. The girl declared in her defense, “But that’s the name of the oil.”

  • Mike Monroney

    March 25, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    I’m guessing I shouldn’t drink “Calming Moon”?

    Great blog, Naomi!

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