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In a tribute to Jeff Foxworthy of "you might be a redneck if ..." fame, we've noticed there are some very specific things about working at a tea company. Some of them are endearing, some of them prove it's easy to get addicted to top-shelf tea. Most of them should tell you that when it comes to finding a job we can be passionate about, two leaves and a bud was the right fit for all of us.

You know you work at a tea company when ...

  • You peel an orange, and someone at a nearby desk asks, "Did you just pour a cup of Earl Grey?"
  • The table at a staff meeting looks like this:

A typical two leaves staff meeting

  • You find yourself talking about tea parties and it has nothing to do with politics.
  • Even though you're male, you still get excited talking about Jasmine and Chamomile.
  • Drinking five cups of different tea a day doesn't make you weird.
  • It takes you over an hour to walk through the tea aisle of a great natural foods store.
  • You walk into your local bakery and they give you an order before they take yours.
  • The quality of your hotel room is overshadowed by the disappointment you feel with the in-room tea.
  • The electric kettle is arguably the hardest working appliance in the office.
  • Your wife points out that you have been audibly slurping your wine.
  • You rip open tea bags to see what's inside.
  • You get e-mails from family members about cool tea gadgets they've seen online, such as:

Penguin tea-dunk timer thing. Awesome.

  • You take a trip to Mexico and you pack some tea sachets for the flight (and then panic at customs, wondering if you can bring the tea into the country).
  • Tea sachets are your go-to tool for meeting girls: Bring a cute barista a sample of tea, start a conversation. [Word of caution: This method has a 100 percent rate of failure thus far.]

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