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And suddenly, just like that, it's December.

Not to worry — if this holiday season caught you off guard, like it did us, we've got some gift suggestions for tea lovers in every price range. And we promise, although a few of these suggestions are sold by us here at two leaves and a bud, many of them are just suggestions of gifts you can get in lots of other places (because hey, we want to promote ourselves, but we're also just interested in promoting a love of tea).

Tea and corporate espionage? What's not to love?

1. Let's start with a little tea history. "For All the Tea in China: how England Stole the World's Favorite Drink and Changed History" is Sarah Rose's 2010 book on what she calls the "greatest single act of corporate espionage in history." And it all centers around the tea trade between England and China during the 19th century. A fascinating read.

2. This gift is for the person who drinks regularly, but might be a little too timid when it comes to trying out new varieties: A selection of unique loose tea. Two leaves and a bud offers sleeves of some more exotic teas like Pinhead Gunpowder, Dark or Jade Oolong, Gen Mai Matcha and Keemun Congou. Visit the loose tea page on our website for a guided walk through the wide world of tea.

3. Sometimes it's the little things that are the handiest — two leaves CEO and Founder Richard Rosenfeld gave all of us on staff a little ceramic dish for placing a wet tea sachet into last year for the holidays. Since they were handmade and purchased at a local fair, we can't steer you to the ones sitting on our desks, but there are plenty of other varieties out there. Here's a set of four for $16.

4. We can't resist this shirt, which speaks for itself:

Seventh rule: Tea parties will go on as long as they need to.

5. There's just something about the convenience of an electric tea kettle we can't underestimate. We have our favorite here at work, but recently we read about this one that is quite the gift for that person in your life who loves gadgets and knowing the exact temperature of their cuppa' tea. And don't forget, that's important for making the best cuppa' black, white or green tea.

6. If the tea lover in your life also loves sweetened tea, try adding a new flavor to their tea with this Tahitian Vanilla Sugar. It's inexpensive and delightful for those days when you want to sip something sweet.

7. One of us has a 2-year-old who gets a lot of pleasure out of pretend tea parties, and she pours the most delicious imaginary tea you've ever had using this environmentally-friendly tea set. It's attractive and made out of recycled milk jugs, therefore it's also indestructible. We can't ask much more from a toy that's helping her learn about the civility of tea early in life.

8. True tea nerds love their tea accessories, so check out this design-forward Control Teapot, this Loose Tea Scale, or this handy little Honey Spoon.

9. Why, oh why did Tea Cozies ever go out of fashion? We say as a quintessential piece of kitsch, bring 'em back! Check out these amusing options.

10. One more tea shirt we really dig:

We pity the fool who don't drink tea.

Happy holidays from two leaves and a bud!

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