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So you want to pull off a romantic Valentine’s Day for your sweetheart.

Did you know that people often complain V-Day is among the least romantic days of the year? I know… hard to believe. Chocolates and roses… well they don’t exactly say, “I’m paying attention to your every unique desire.”

Why not treat your honey to something more personal? Here’s a suggestion to give a gift more closely aligned with your sweetie’s discriminating tastes. Go down to the nearest natural foods store and look for a locally made jar of honey. (Hopefully you’ll find one of those adorably cute bear-shaped bottles than can be repurposed to hold dish soap—ding, ding, ding, more bonus points for creativity! Honey for your honey….)

Next, stroll over to the tea aisle. Pick up a perfect accouterment to honey. What better way to set a romantic mood than with a warm kettle of two leaves and a bud Organic African Sunset tea, sweetened with just a hint of nourishing honey? It’s a thoughtful way to get the details just right.

Show your darling she’s the spice of your life with an attentive love-bursting box of red organic rooibos … high in antioxidants and trace minerals…. it’s a delicious and healthy herbal from South Africa.  That will show her that you care for her in more ways than one.

Two Leaves and a Bud African Sunset Tea paired with a Jar of Honey makes a Sweet and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.

Now, if smooth is more of what you’re after, how about a box of smooth and relaxing two leaves Organic Chamomile tea? Delicious little flowers - that's how we think of our Chamomile. Open up a packet and take a whiff. You'll smell a rich apple scent (in Greek, Kamai means apple) with soft honey notes. It's sweet, relaxing and the best chamomile you'll ever have.  Pair a box with an accompanying gift certificate to a smooth and relaxing day at the spa.  Nothing says, “You deserve some down time” more than pairing of a box of our Organic Chamomile combined with a day at the spa. Could you be any more generous than to offer pure unadulterated pleasure?

By now you get the idea. Instead of distressing over Valentine’s Day as just another obligatory Hallmark holiday, why not approach it as a wonderful opportunity to show your special guy or gal that you’re really paying attention to the little things that make him or her happy.  Have fun with a theme and let 2 leaves brew up the rest of the idea.

How about a great lead in to a romantic getaway weekend? Jasmine Petal Green tea sachets are the perfect way to say, “Pack your bags, Valentine!  We’re going to______________________ (fill in your favorite fantasy vacation).”

Jasmine Petal tea sachets are a perfect lead in for brewing up an exotic and passionate Valentine’s Day getaway trip.

If it's true you taste with your nose as much as with your tongue, the delicate floral fragrance that lingers atop this smooth cup of green tea will be an otherworldly experience. And they’re light on caffeine! Paying attention to this small detail is a sure way to win big with the one you love who may be trying to cut down on caffeine. The tea leaves are dried with jasmine flower petals to absorb the flavor.  Pop a couple in your bags, hit the road, inhale… all aboard… and away we go!   Happy brewing, and happy Valentine’s Day!

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