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Peppermint Loose Tea

Combine different loose teas to make your own delicious blends.

Us tea drinkers are adventurous. The large amount of different tastes, textures and aromas of tea mean that there is always something new to explore and discover.

But what if you’ve tried every tea out there, from Organic Assam Breakfast to rare  Organic Silver Needles? Have no fear! There’s still yet another road to travel: making your own loose tea blends.

During the past month in the two leaves and a bud offices, we’ve explored blending a whole variety of different two leaves and a bud loose tea blends to see what we could come up with. Here are three of our most successful concoctions, along with recipes and descriptions for each:

Moroccan Mint: Organic Peppermint – Organic Tamayokucha

Quantities: .5 grams Organic Peppermint + 2.2 grams Organic Tamayokucha

Description: The thing to know about this blend is that Peppermint is powerful. Its flavors have a tendency to overwhelm whatever else is in your cup. With that in mind, note the very small amount of Peppermint leaves that actually make it into this blend. Once you’ve got it right, though, the flavor is delicious, with the smooth, vegetal aspects of Tamayokucha brightened by hints of mint.

Our Rating: 8.5/10

Savory/Sweet: Jasmine Petal – Organic White Peony Blend

Quantities: 1 gram Organic White Peony + 1.7 grams Jasmine Petal

Description: With this blend, you’ll experience the bright, floral notes of Jasmine Petal, but now anchored by deep, savory flavors of white peony. The added complexity from the White Peony in this cup goes a long way.

Our Rating: 9/10

Utter Perfection: Organic Darjeeling – Organic Hojicha Blend

Quantities: 1.4 grams Organic Hojicha + 1.3 grams Organic Darjeeling

Description: This was, quite simply, an unbelievable cuppa’ tea. The clear astringency of Organic Darjeeling was balanced perfectly by the earthy, round sweetness of Organic Hojicha. An incredibly complex, balanced, deep, sweet flavor is the result.

Our Rating: 10/10

Those are just a few of our favorite loose tea blends that we discovered during our in-house blending sessions. Which two leaves and a bud teas would you like to taste blended together?

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