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Although we have plenty of fans who are happy to drink hot tea year-round, isn't it nice to know that you can also enjoy your favorite beverage iced? In fact, June is National Iced Tea Month — according to the people at, 85 percent of the tea consumed in this country is iced. Since iced tea is a great alternative to all the sugar bombs you could be drinking out there, like soda, we think you should celebrate summer by toasting with your favorite two leaves tea on ice.

We asked our Facebook fans recently to tell us which two leaves tea they love to make iced, and the winner was our Alpine Berry Herbal Blend. Jasmine Petal Green came in second place, and third place was a tie between Assam Breakfast, and Tropical Goji Green (this blogger's preferred pick). We wouldn't stop you from making iced tea with any of our teas, and if you want a unique iced tea experience, try making some with our loose Organic Jade Oolong. It's glassy green, lightly floral and has a hint of nutty sweetness.

As for how you brew iced tea, follow these simple steps:

  • Fill a heat resistant cup* with 6 ounces of boiling water (*ceramic, glass, stainless or paper cup)
  • Steep any of our 15 tea sachets (add sugar or honey at this point if desired) for 3 minutes or longer depending on preference
  • Fill the serving cup with ice
  • Pour steeped tea and sachet over ice in serving cup
  • Garnish with lemon, orange, lemon grass, mint or strawberry.

Want to make a full pitcher? Use five sachets for a half-gallon pitcher. Don't forget that when boiling water, a full boil is best for black and herbal teas, and only lightly bubbling for your green and white teas — you don't want to overly "cook" these more delicate leaves.

And one more note: some of our teas, like Assam, may cloud a bit once refrigerated. This doesn't affect the taste of the tea. It actually just speaks to the high-quality tannins in our tea.

What is your favorite two leaves tea with which to make iced tea?

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