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Any good arsenal of supplies for cold and flu season needs tea, right?

I know I’m not alone in this. I hate being sick. From the moment my throat starts to tickle, I turn into a big Debbie Downer growling, “I’m sick” to whoever happens by, as if that explains why I can’t be bothered with social niceties like eye contact or smiling.

So obviously, anything that makes me feel even the slightest bit better when I’m coming down with the latest bug is worth its weight in gold. And lately, that’s our Organic Better Rest Blend, steeped for a very long time and then mixed with a tablespoon of honey. This is the sort of mug of tea I can cling to while sitting on the couch in heap of tissues, or while pretending to be less sick than I am at a staff meeting (it happens).

Now for the really bad news, people: Cold and flu season is here. So we decided to ask our dear Facebook friends if they use tea to combat the sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head effects of being sick instead of chugging the nearest bottle of Nyquil.

And they do!

Geo Kramer is like me, grabbing an herbal blend from one of our Better Being Teas. He says the blend of ginger and chamomile in our Better Belly Blend, paired with lots of honey and lemon, is what he turned to recently with his head cold. In fact, lots of people love honey in tea when they’re sick, for its throat-soothing properties. Joanne Leiman added lavender honey to her cup of Earl Grey, and said it was delicious, soothing, and even smelled great through her stuffed nose. Very good suggestion, Joanne. Carey Fitzmaurice also drinks Earl Grey while sick, and I have to agree that the citrus elements of the Bergamot oil in Earl Grey sound like the perfect thing for a head cold.

We did have a certain contingent, Facebook fans like Linda Hill, Brandon French and Susan Lewis, who reach for green tea when sickness comes knocking. And I can see the appeal – the smooth yet vegetal taste of green tea doesn’t overpower your senses, but gives you enough perk to keep ticking.

Laura Wells Swartz likes mint tea with honey and lemon when she’s sick. Marnie White said peppermint with lots of honey. And you know, our Organic Peppermint, grown in eastern Washington state, packs the kind of minty punch that would make a bold splash even on a palate dulled by stuffy sinuses. (Use promo code NovDeals11 for a 30% discount on Organic Peppermint through the end of November!)

Herbal teas are certainly a good choice when you’re hoping to get more sleep, since they don’t contain any caffeine whatsoever. Those of you like Angela Edwards Desimone and Jamie Capps reach for the soothing comfort of Organic Chamomile.

My favorite suggestion from Facebook fans? Adding a bit of the hard stuff to a cup of tea. “A tea and whiskey hot toddy makes for sleepy time,” says Nellie Cross. And Patti Nadworniak says, “I put honey and lemon and a shot of some ‘adult beverage’ in any of your wonderful teas!” Joyce Stadt says her favorite is Pomi-Berry with honey, lemon and a “wee-bit of brandy.” I love this suggestion, ladies. It might make me a little drowsy at the next staff meeting, but it’s almost enough to make me look forward to being sick. I said almost.

Anyone else? What’s your favorite under-the-weather tea, and what do you mix into it?

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