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Three different varieties of tea all in one box: The Organic Three Tea Sampler

Maybe some of you really do like to drink the same tea, every day, all day long, but not me. Nor am I the sort of person who will ever walk into a restaurant and order "the usual." Call me indecisive if you will, but I like to mix it up.

So when two leaves CEO and founder Richard Rosenfeld first started batting around the idea of creating a box of tea that included a few different varieties in one place, I knew it was a box that would sell well with people just like me. It's all the purchasing power of buying yourself a whole box of tea sachets without the commitment of settling down with one type of tea. Sound good to you? Check out our Organic Three Tea Sampler.

In one box, we give you five sachets each of three of our best selling teas: Organic Assam Breakfast, Organic Tamayokucha Green, and Organic Better Rest Blend herbal tea. You can drink them whenever, wherever, but I like to think of this three tea sampler as your morning, noon and night tea. Have the tea with the most caffeine (Organic Assam Breakfast) in the morning to get your day going, and then in your afternoon slump brew up a smooth green tea (Organic Tamayokucha) to keep yourself going. Once the day is done, greet the evening with a cuppa' Organic Better Rest Blend, an herbal infusion that is a relaxing blend of chamomile, peppermint, hops and valerian that tastes great and gets you ready for bed.

In fact, the Organic Three Tea Sampler might be a great choice if you're looking to present a tea novice with an introduction to the world of tea. One last note about trying different teas: We do, in fact, offer a great sampler that is perfect for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone while getting to try all 18 of the different sachets we offer! Check our our Complete Sachet Sampler and we're sure you'll find a tea (or six) that you love. And while this Three Tea Sampler  is not on all store shelves yet (don't forget, it's still new) you can buy it online or ask your local store that carries our tea to carry this sampler as well!

If you could create a custom sampler of several of our teas, what would it include?

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