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A tea cocktail for 2012 made with our own Organic Tamayokucha

When Marketing Coordinator Christy Garfield and I decided that this month's tea recipe should be a cocktail, I set a couple of ground rules. First, it had to be simple enough for anyone to follow without a degree in mixology, and second, it couldn't include any ingredients you'd have to spend a lot of money on (and possibly not use very often in the future). While I love going out for a great drink, and I'm quite interested in the resurgence of cocktail culture sweeping our country, I don't need a bottle of Angostura Bitters crowding my tiny little liquor cabinet above the refrigerator.

So, I found a recipe for a great cocktail made with tea (Organic Tamayokucha was my choice) that includes really easy-to-obtain ingredients like mint, lime and vodka, and that you can whip up in a flash for visitors. It's a refreshing, festive drink, and anyone abstaining from alcohol could quite easily follow the first step to make some Moroccan mint tea, and then shake it up with ice and garnish it for a great mocktail.

Quite frankly, I'm leaving some of the specifics of this cocktail a bit loosey-goosey, because you'll probably want to tweak how strong you want the tea, how sweet you want it, and how much alcohol you want to put in it. Make it your own, people!

Minted Green Tea Cocktail



  1. Make a sweet Moroccan mint tea by steeping the sachets of Organic Tamayokucha in water that's almost boiling. (Don't use water that's too hot or you'll "cook" the delicate green tea and it'll be bitter.) Steep the tea along with plenty of mint, putting the whole sprigs in, and a good amount of sugar. Moroccan mint tea really is sweet stuff -- it's delightful.
  2. While steeping the tea, cut up a lime and run it around the rim of your chosen glassware, and then dip the edge of the glass into sugar.
  3. Grab your cocktail shaker and throw a handful of ice in there, and then add some mint leaves. Give it a good shake to really bruise those leaves and release some flavor.
  4. Once the steeped tea has had a chance to cool a bit (maybe with a stint in the freezer), remove the sachets and the mint sprigs and pour the tea into the cocktail shaker. Put in a healthy squeeze of lime to brighten it up. Add a shot or two of vodka and then shake it like you mean it, baby.
  5. Strain this wonderful concoction into your prepared glass. To really wow your friends, we recommend further garnishing the glass with a slice of lime and a sprig of mint.

Cheers! Chime in: Do you have some good tea cocktails we need to try? Twist our arm and we just might do it ...

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