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Do you love to travel as much as we do? If so, can we come along on your next trip? We'll give you $5 for letting us tag along!

Where are you going in 2012? Do you know how much lighter our sachets are than guidebooks? Take 'em along!

At two leaves and a bud, our motto, "Go There," has several meanings. We think it perfectly illustrates how we go directly to the tea gardens to source the best tea possible. It also speaks to how each cup of our tea takes you on a journey into the world of tea -- everywhere from the rolling hills of Darjeeling, to the lush, tropical tea estates of Sri Lanka. Maybe your daily cup of tea is an escape ... well, so is traveling the world.

Two leaves CEO and founder Richard Rosenfeld loves to point out that while people who truly appreciate the finer points of tea often drink loose leaf tea, preparing a cup of loose leaf is pretty inconvenient for people who are on-the-go. Those same people tell us that our sachets, full of whole leaf tea, are the perfect solution! Grab some sachets to take with you, and by adding hot water, you'll enjoy all the full, complex flavor of a cup of loose leaf tea with all the convenience of (dare we say it) a teabag.

Richard most recently took two leaves to Pella, Iowa (founded by the Dutch; hence, the windmill)

So, we proudly introduce an exciting contest for 2012: "Go there with two leaves!" We want to see great photos from your travels, so take a sachet or two with you, and snap a photo with it in a notable location (see Richard's example, at left!). Just for posting that digital picture to our Facebook page, we'll reward you with $5 to spend on our website. It gets better: each month we'll pick the photo we like best, and award the monthly winner $25 to spend on our tea and tea goodies. One photo per person, per month please! (But depending on how this goes, that might mean you have 12 chances to win this year, if you travel that much. We reserve the right to change this rule.)

It comes down to this: We get the feeling that you tea drinkers are an adventurous bunch. So are we! Isn't it delightful that our tea sachets are packed in those protective, biodegradable sleeves that you can slip into your carry-on luggage? They weigh virtually nothing, and while the TSA guys still make you take off your shoes, they won't bat an eyelash at our sachets.

But you don't have to board a plane to take part in this contest. Take us hiking! Skiing! Rock climbing! Skeet shooting! (?) Sewing Bee! (??) Or ... ROAD TRIP! Take us along.

We just want to see your photos on our Facebook page.

Go There.

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