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Meet our brand new boxes of Paisley!

We're unveiling an exciting new venture here at two leaves: Introducing our brand new range of teas called Paisley Tea Co., comprising four delicious varieties of English style tea!

What is English style tea, you ask? We think of it as rich, robust, dark in the cup and delicious with or without milk. It's the sort of tea you might want to drink everyday! Our new Paisley teas come in traditional paper teabags rather than pyramid-shaped sachets, but just like other two leaves teas, this is top quality tea, sourced around the world from the best organic gardens.

Two leaves CEO and founder Richard Rosenfeld says his goal in creating Paisley is to offer "premium quality tea that isn't often seen in the world of affordable, everyday tea." Each box of Paisley contains 24 tea bags, and each tea bag contains 10 percent more tea to provide the most robust flavor. That's why we've given it the tagline: "more than one might expect."

In looking around the tea industry, Richard saw a hole when it came to English style tea from a quality source that's both organic and Fair Trade. That's why Paisley Tea maintains the same values as two leaves tea. All the tea is certified organic, Fair Trade and Non-GMO Project verified. Our company continues the mission to add value from crop to cup, from grower to consumer, by ensuring that growers and the environment are treated with respect, while providing you, the consumer with an exceptional cup of tea. It's tea you can enjoy with a clear conscience.

How do we do it? It's pretty simple: we've used the great relationships we've developed as two leaves and a bud with some of the finest tea gardens in the world. Because we're not an enormous company that spends copious amounts of money on glossy commercials, we can spend more on high quality tea and sell it to you at a great price. "We've been able to source the best tea possible for Paisley's traditional paper teabags," Richard says. "There are a lot of English teas in the marketplace, but we see a need for a premium range of traditional English style tea that is also organic and Fair Trade Certified."

In fact, you played a large part in the decisions we made when creating this line of tea! Perhaps you remember when we asked your opinion of English style tea in a survey. According to the results, 67 percent of respondents said they drink English style tea regularly, most often because they love the strong, robust taste, and because it pairs well with milk and sugar. And 66 percent of you said you'd be more likely to drink English style tea if it was both certified organic and Fair Trade.

So, we've got these great teas for that 66 percent of you, and any other curious tea drinkers out there! Check out the four delicious varieties: Organic English Breakfast, Organic Decaf English Breakfast, Organic Double Earl Grey (that's a variety of Earl Grey tea with extra citrus flavor of Bergamot oil), and Organic Ginger Green. There's something for everyone!

Paisley Tea Co. is still in the midst of picking up distribution across the country, but one place you can always find it will be on our website. And when you decide that it's your cuppa' tea, we hope you'll mention it to the grocery store where you love to buy tea, so they'll consider stocking us there.

One last thing: Why did we name it Paisley Tea Co.? Besides the fact that it's a bold, beautiful pattern that we love, the history of the paisley pattern actually intersects with the world of tea! The "Persian pickle," as the pattern is sometimes called, was first developed in India (just like black tea!) and eventually made its way across Europe where a town in Scotland by the name of Paisley started weaving beautiful Indian style scarves featuring the pattern. The town's namesake paisley pattern became popular across the European continent at about the same time as tea drinking caught on in aristocratic circles, during the 17th century. And we think there's something quite classic about the bold, intricate design. Pick up a box from Paisley Tea Co. and appreciate this dancing pattern as you take your first sips. Cheers!

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