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Our Tea Duos make wonderful wedding/party favors.

I’m fond of saying that now that I’m married myself, I love going to weddings. I don’t consider myself a great party thrower, and so while I managed to plan a lovely event for my husband and myself seven years ago, I certainly didn’t relish the process. So these days when I’m invited to a wedding, it reminds me that I made it — I don’t have to throw another celebration in honor of that unless I really want to, and I can attend someone else’s wedding and just enjoy myself, stress-free.

My party planning days aren’t over – recently my oldest daughter turned 4, and I found myself assembling goody bags for her birthday party. And while stuffing crazy straws and temporary tattoos into those bags I thought about how the favors we give to guests at our weddings — or the welcome baskets for out-of-town guests — aren’t really all that different from birthday party goody bags, perhaps minus the stickers and glitter lip gloss.

This brings me to the point of this blog. I apologize for the lengthy preamble, but have you thought about how perfect the gift of tea is? Giving someone tea is always a considerate gesture. To get on my marketing high horse for a minute, it’s the gift of relaxation, a refined beverage enjoyed around the world. And (to dismount the marketing high horse) if the gift recipient doesn’t love tea like you do, they always know someone who does like tea, making it the perfect re-gift.

Consider our conveniently packaged Tea Duo, for instance. In case you haven’t met it yet, it’s a small pack containing two sachets — one of Organic Assam, and one of Organic Better Rest Blend. The Assam breakfast tea is our bestselling black tea grown in Assam, India, and is delicious with or without milk. Organic Better Rest Blend is a soothing mix of chamomile, peppermint, hops and valerian — ingredients grown in Europe known for their relaxing effects. “The Tea Duo provides the perfect balance of energy and relaxation, almost like yin and yang,” says our CEO and founder, Richard Rosenfeld. “You can start your day with Assam, feeling energized and capable of taking on what the day may bring, and you can end your day with Better Rest … literally.”

The Tea Duo is the smallest sampler we offer and would make a great addition to a welcome basket, or even a favor for all of the guests at your wedding.

Our sachets come in 18 different colors to match any wedding decor. But who am I kidding – probably one of the most important things you’re considering when planning your wedding, from hors d’oeuvres to décor, is keeping everything within a theme. What’s handy about two leaves tea in this regard is that our individually packaged sachets come in a broad variety of colors to match what you’re doing. Eighteen different colors, in fact, so it might be difficult to choose!

We’re posting some photos here that demonstrate how giving the gift of our tea can be both tasty and aesthetically pleasing. And relaxing with a cup of organic tea will probably sound just right to most of your guests after they enjoy the excitement of your big day.

So tell us, does including tea sound like a good idea on a wedding day? Or you "smug marrieds": tell us if you did include tea on your nuptial weekend?

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