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Richard Rosenfled, two leaves' CEO/Founder, has always been into saying "Rabbit, Rabbit" on the first day of the month for good luck (read this blog to hear the story behind that) and recently introduced us to something else he's into: tiny rabbit figurines made out of vinyl, called "Happy Labbits."

Our new Happy Labbits!

Apparently, he found them in a shop during a trip to Seattle, and it's my theory that the part of him that loved Hello Kitty the first time he saw those cute figurines years ago decided that yes, a grown man can buy a couple of "Happy Labbits" and still keep his dignity in tact. Especially since while these tiny rabbits appear childishly adorable, they also come with sometimes adult accents, whether that be a mustache and an anchor tattoo, or eating a carrot while wearing boxer shorts. "Happy Labbits" come in blind boxes, meaning you never know which design you're going to unwrap when you buy them, but Richard bought two and ended up with one that has an ice cream cone stuck to its face, and one that appears to be eating a bone.

A little research into "Happy Labbits" reveals this: they were designed and created by American graphic artist Frank Kozik, who is best known for his posters for rock stars like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The White Stripes, and The Beastie Boys. The history of Labbits themselves, according to Kozik's website, starts with the artist sketching a bunny like it in the mid-'90s, and eventually that bunny design appearing on merchandise for the artist's own record label, Man's Ruin Records. In 2000 Kozik agreed to produce the rabbit as a toy with a Tokyo toy company. While Kozik called it the "Smokin' Rabbit" character, the Japanese toy company had a bit of a language barrier and referred to the figurines as "Smorkin' Labbit." Kozik decided to change the character's name as such, and since 2003 has been teaming with boutique toy company Kidrobot to  produce "Labbits" in many different shapes and sizes. (Also according to Kozik's website, labbits are addicted to candy cigarettes and beef jerky, and are allergic to work in any form.)

Labbits found in a store window in Avignon, France, where Richard is currently visiting. French labbits smoke, of course.

Richard may buy an assorted case of these mini "Happy Labbits" so we can include them in all of our monthly "Richard Rosenfeld's Rabbit Rabbit" sale photos ... if that happens you'll see more "Happy Labbits" in our photos, and we wanted you to know why. Stay tuned ...

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