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Drink hot tea. Lots of it. Especially in January.

It’s January, so welcome to hot tea month! What a relief to be able to drink hot tea during this one month of the year, right?!

We jest, of course. While January is, in fact, National Hot Tea Month, we wondered what that really means. At two leaves tea company™, it’s understandable that we (and most of our fans) drink hot tea year-round. We’d go so far as to say we celebrate hot tea year round. We love the stuff. We sell it, we drink it all day, sometimes we cook with it, and we’d bathe in it if we didn’t think that was wasteful. (That seems wasteful. Doesn’t it? Someone convince us otherwise so we can try that sometime. Bathing in a good strong tub of Organic Assam probably results in a nice tan, wouldn’t you think?)

Who makes up this commemorative month stuff? A glance on Wikipedia told us that January is also National Volunteer Blood Donor Month, National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, National Glaucoma Awareness Month, National Thyroid Awareness Month, National Financial Wellness Month, National Poverty in America Awareness Month, and National Stalking Awareness Month. Reading that list of everything we’re supposed to be aware of this month made us thirsty for … a (National) cup of hot tea. Good thing National Hug Day is Jan. 21. (Don’t even get us started on the national commemorative days.)

Shouldn’t National Hot Tea Month go hand in hand with National Scone Month? (Get this: I just Googled and found that there is no National Scone Month, but January IS National Oatmeal Month, which lends itself to this recipe for Triple Berry Oatmeal Scones! The Internet is amazing.)

Furthermore, is there a National Tepid Tea Month? Naturally, June is National Iced Tea Month, so there’s one mystery solved. If two leaves tea company™ were naming commemorative months, we might name a Get Out of Your Rut and Try a New Tea Month, or Increase Your Mental Flexibility by Sipping Your Tea While Using your Non-Dominant Hand to Hoist Your Mug Month. (Yes, our commemorative months are wordy, but we like them that way.)

And when it comes to other months our staffers might like to see, Marketing Coordinator Christy Garfield would like a National Cheese Month, and my preferred month would be National Put Your Kids to Bed an Hour Early Month. We’ve decided that two leaves™ CEO/Founder Richard Rosenfeld needs to declare December National Cassoulet Month, because he spends several days of that month at home making this rich, slow-cooked casserole during the holiday season.

So, until our wishes come true, we wish you a happy National Hot Tea Month. We hope you celebrate all year long, every single day. (What kind of tea company would we be if we only wanted you to drink hot tea in January and on ice in June, anyway?)  Chime in with your own suggested months, tea-related or otherwise …

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