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Start the Chinese New Year off right, sipping two leaves™ tea.

A happy Chinese New Year to you! Here at two leaves™, we couldn't have been more delighted when, on the first day of the Chinese New Year, Feb. 10, our own Facebook page ticker clicked over to 10,000 fans. 10,000! Facebook may seem a little silly to some (where else on the planet can you find so many photos of cute and grumpy kittens, political propaganda, embarrassing high school photos and my mother all at the same time?), but here at two leaves™, we consider it a great way of communicating with you.

We love getting to know our fans, and how you’re never afraid to talk back to us, whether it’s to praise us to the heavens (please, never stop doing that), or to just hit the thumbs up  for one of our posts. We get a fair share of honest questions and complaints on that page, and we try to respond to every one! After all, we’re a small company, and when you’re standing in the tea aisle, looking slightly befuddled at the huge tea selection and wondering which box to take home, we like to think our boxes and our voice speaks to you. Not in that creepy “voice in your head” way, but in a friendly, informed, “hey, this company cares and is kinda cool” way.

But I’m getting far off course from my main point: Chinese New Year! The year of the Snake just started. It’s the sixth sign of the 12-animal Chinese Zodiac, and is the most “enigmatic, intuitive, introspective, refined and collected” of the signs, according to what I could find online.

“Hey,” I started thinking, “while I’m sure I could craft a way to connect each sign of the Chinese Zodiac to tea, this one seems particularly appropriate. Think about it:

Enigmatic: Tea is something that delights us, and yet it’s just made out of leaves that have been steeped in water. How can something be so simple and yet bring us such joy? Enigmatic, indeed.

Intuitive: I always say, “When in doubt, brew a cup of tea.” (Actually, I don’t always say that, but I probably should.) Stressed out? Tea. Need a pick-me-up? Tea. Connecting with a friend? Tea. Follow your intuition to a great cup of tea.

Introspective: Personally, I think it’s hard not to have a moment or two of quiet introspection when you’re sitting in front of a steaming tea cup. Who’s with me?

Refined: Similarly, it’s difficult to not feel a bit cultured and elegant while sipping tea.

Collected: Tea is calming. Take a minute and collect yourself over a cup of tea. Enough said.

Also, if you lay your sachet of tea out on the table, you can arrange the string and tag so it looks like a snake. That has to count for something, right? Thanks for humoring me.

Celebrate Chinese New Year with us! Today (Tuesday, Feb. 12) is the very last day of our Chinese New Year sale! Take 20% off all green and white teas by using promo code YearOfSnake at checkout. All of these green and white teas have been grown in China. Coincidence?

As for two leaves™ in the Chinese New Year, we’re looking forward to many more adventures in tea, getting to know our fans, and providing you with the best real, whole leaf tea available. Is there anything from us you’d like to see in the New Year?

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