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A small admission: We never really thought of ourselves as sexy until yesterday. We love tea, we drink it every day, all day long ... and THEN we found out that so does one model known primarily for her work with Victoria's Secret — Alessandra Ambrosio.

Alessandra Ambrosio's wings are powered by Organic Chamomile. OUR Organic Chamomile.

Alessandra Ambrosio's wings are powered by Organic Chamomile. OUR Organic Chamomile.

Our coworker Jen was glancing through the pages of an US Weekly magazine when she paused on an interview with Ambrosio, where the model discusses what she carries around in her handbag — or rather, her Gucci tote. She mentions some potato chips and chocolate, which you think would have been enough to make Jen turn the page, but then she says this:

"I drink Two Leaves and a Bud chamomile tea when I wake up, during the day and before I go to sleep. When I travel, I make sure they're with me."

And ohmygosh, now we're Alessandra Ambrosio's biggest fans (but not in a creepy way). First, she knows that we exist ... and we apologize for sounding like a high school freshman when we point that out. Second, she recognizes that our Organic Chamomile is delicious and worthy of drinking all day long. Finally, she's saying something we've said about our tea sachets all along — they're just so conveniently portable, that they make it easy to travel with the best tea!

So of course we raced around trying to find more copies of Alessandra's mini Two Leaves and a Bud love note, starting online, and our CEO and founder Richard Rosenfeld sent us an e-mail that said: "I tried to look this up on their site but only got pictures of her in a bikini. Although that was not exactly disappointing, it was not what I was looking for. (I must be getting old.)"


No, Richard — we all just got a bit sexier. Cheers, tea lovers!


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