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Better Being Blends are bringing healthy back.

Better Being Blends are bringing healthy back.

March is National Health Month, and hey, tea lovers, we've got some good news for you even though you've probably already heard it:

Tea is really good for you. That means you're already ahead of the game this month! Here's a smattering of feel-good headlines for you:

How green tea can kill cancer cells

Surprising health benefits in a cup of tea

7 healthy reasons to drink peppermint tea

But a few years ago, we introduced our trio of Organic Better Being Teas, because we noticed how so-called "medicinal teas" were making a splash in the marketplace. And so we tackled insomnia with Organic Better Rest Blend, upset stomachs with Better Belly Blend, and sleepyheads with Organic Better Morning Blend. These three herbal teas taste great and are an easy, natural alternative to sleeping pills, antacids, or pumping yourself full of caffeine to wake up.

So for National Health Month, consider drinking more tea (if that's even possible) or reaching for one of our caffeine-free Better Being Teas the next time you're not feeling so hot. Some of our team members think outside of the box with these teas, such as using Better Belly to ease a brutal hangover, or Better Morning to perk up a bit in the afternoon.

When it comes to herbal "medicinal" tea, the FDA doesn't want us to say stuff like, "It'll cure what ails ya," but tea lovers have told us how much better these teas often make them feel. In fact, these three teas are the most lauded teas on our website, when it comes to our online reviews ... and we find that tea lovers are a very discerning, honest bunch. We'll drink to that! You should too.


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