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here-comes-the-sun-and-i-say-its-alrightWe have a few tips on how you can adjust to Daylight Savings Time, since it begins on Sunday, and you'll have to turn your clocks back one hour. That means that the 9 a.m. meeting you have on Monday morning is actually at 8 a.m. ... although we encourage you to stop thinking like that immediately, because doing the mental math every time you look at a clock gets really tiring.

So, if you're one of those people who is more likely to clamp a pillow down on top of your head than grin at the birds who begin tweeting that much earlier, shall we suggest some tea? (What, did you think we were going to recommend something else?) Here's a few we love for waking up:

Paisley Label Tea English Breakfast: It steeps quickly and strongly. Just add boiling water and boom.

Organic Assam Breakfast: People who discover Two Leaves and a Bud often learned about us through this sachet, which is one of the best sachets of tea from Assam you'll ever drink. First appreciate the deep flavor, then spoil yourself by adding something to your second cup ... we recommend milk and honey.

Organic Better Morning Blend: A caffeine-free wonder! This herbal tea will pep you up with peppermint and lemon, no problem.

Paisley Label Tea Decaf English Breakfast: If you still want the flavor of black tea without the caffeine, look no further than this one. (Also makes for a lovely pairing with dessert.)

Here comes the sun, tea lovers, and it's been a long, dark winter for many of us. How do you plan on waking up on Sunday morning?

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