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A teeny tiny symbol with a whole lotta meaning

A teeny tiny symbol with a whole lotta meaning


Passover begins this evening at sundown (Friday, April 3), and so we thought now would be as good a time as any to point out to you that most of our teas are certified Kosher.

And perhaps while we're at it, we could explain what, exactly, makes our tea Kosher. The people over at Kosher Supervision of America don't let their "KSA" logo that graces most of our boxes go on just any product that simply claims to observe Jewish dietary law. Non-Kosher foods may include certain species of animals, be subject to improper slaughtering or processing procedures, mixing of meat and dairy ingredients, or use of ingredients derived from non-kosher sources.

Perhaps you never considered why tea would have anything to do with Jewish dietary law, but we assure you — people who practice staying Kosher certainly do. "It’s considered a sort of good housekeeping seal, like another pair of eyes was watching over the production of this item, and people can feel that they’re buying it in good faith," says Rabbi Binyomin Lisbon, the Kasbrus Administrator over at KSA who signs our kosher certification document every few years. "But then there’s what it really means — that all of the ingredients and equipment used to process this finished product meet the dietary laws of kosher.”

Why don't some of our teas qualify? Lisbon says some of our teas may include a flavoring with a certain  “grape derivative” that is not considered kosher unless its production is supervised from beginning to end. (You can read more about that grape derivative here, if you want.)

Rabbis station in KSA offices around the world really do visit the places where certified products come from — in our case, that includes places in China and Canada where our tea is packaged.

So here's the most recent list of our teas that a certified Kosher when bearing the KSA symbol, including sachets, tea bags, iced tea and loose teas:

  • Alpine Berry
  • Jasmine Petal
  • Organic African Sunset
  • Organic Assam
  • Organic Better Belly
  • Organic Better Morning
  • Organic Better Rest
  • Organic Bai Mu Dan
  • Organic Black Iced Tea
  • Organic Chamomile
  • Organic Darjeeling
  • Organic Earl Grey
  • Organic English Breakfast
  • Organic Gen Mai Cha
  • Organic Green Wintermint
  • Organic Mountain High Chai
  • Organic Orange Sencha
  • Organic Peach's Peach Black Iced Tea
  • Organic Peachy Rooibos
  • Organic Peppermint
  • Organic Pomi-berry
  • Organic Sencha
  • Organic Stonefruit Green Tea
  • Organic Super Tippy Assam
  • Organic Tamayokucha
  • Organic Tropical Green
  •  Organic Tropical Green Iced Tea
  • Organic Winter Rooibos Blend
  • Organic Yunnan Vanilla Bean

And from our Paisley Label Tea:

  • Organic English Breakfast
  • Organic Chamomile
  • Organic Chai Tea
  • Organic Decaf English Breakfast
  • Organic Earl Grey
  • Organic Ginger Green
  • Organic Peppermint
  • Organic Sencha Green

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