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Bada boom, bada bing: Sachets make easy wedding favors! Bada boom, bada bing: Sachets make easy wedding favors!

If June is wedding season, that means May is last-minute wedding planning season, right? We've got one part of your upcoming celebration covered: the elusive wedding favor. Elusive because a box of Jordan almonds might be traditional but also might crack your grandmother's teeth, anything you find on Pinterest takes time to make (and might make for a memorable Pinterest Fail), and things that are personalized just cost a bit more money and might end up gathering dust in your weddings guests' homes. Friends don't let friends give out tchotchkes.

So here's our proposal, and we know you're going to be shocked: tea. Specifically, we'd recommend our individually packaged sachets to all of you time-pressed and budget-conscious brides and grooms out there, because they come in so many different colors (hint: the color of the top of the box is the same color as the sachet sleeves inside) that they match any decor, they are so portable that your guests will enjoy taking them home and trying some tea, and they're just plain easy to place on tables or in welcome baskets. The sleeves are made with a substance that helps them biodegrade, the tea is non-GMO, most of our teas are certified organic, and the sachets themselves are made with biodegradable cornstarch nylon, not plastic. (Read here for more info on those.)

If you're really going to get adventurous with tea, we do sell gorgeous loose tea that you're welcome to repackage in whatever cute, possibly personalized vessel for your guests — one bride once showed us how she put some of our loose tea in test tubes for everyone to take home, which was cute and thoughtful.

So congratulations to all of happy couples, and if we get a small place at your reception or in your welcome baskets, will you send us a photo so we can brag a bit? Thanks!


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