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"Where are you guys, anyway?"

We get this question all the time, from our local friends, and from far-flung tea lovers who just want to know more about us. And here's the thing: as a small, independent tea company, we could be located just about anywhere, since our tea is grown in organic gardens all around the world. So why not pick a place where we love to live, right? That's why we're here in Basalt, Colorado.

"Wait, where?!"

The Roaring Fork River, right behind our office.

The Roaring Fork River, right behind our office.

That's another question we get a lot. Basalt is in the Rocky Mountains, at 6,610 feet above sea level, and the closest town you've probably heard of is Aspen, Colo., which is 18 miles away by car. Basalt began as a railroad town and got its name from the igneous rock on our local mountain. We're lucky to be located where two beautiful rivers converge, and both have great names: the Roaring Fork River and the Frying Pan River. Because the Roaring Fork River runs down this valley in the mountains, it links a number of towns where our team lives, including Carbondale and Glenwood Springs. But our owner and founder, Richard Rosenfeld, was living in Basalt when he created Two Leaves and a Bud, so that's where our office is. He bikes to work every day, rain, snow or shine, and our office backs up to the Roaring Fork River.

We love our small town because of its natural beauty, and the fact that all of us love to get outside in these mountains for recreation depending on the season: skiing/snowboarding, mountain biking, road biking, hiking, camping, climbing, fishing and rafting. (We also love that local residents sometimes refer to themselves as Basaltines.)

If you'd like to come visit us and say hi, you're welcome to; we'd love to meet you! Just be forewarned: We don't sell tea out of our office! This is just the spot from where we run our business. We will, however, point you to plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops where you can buy more tea, one of our favorites being Saxy's Cafe here in Basalt.

Any other questions?

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