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We pledge allegiance, to the tea ...

We pledge allegiance, to the tea ...

Here at Two Leaves and a Bud we don't exactly believe that the Fourth of July is all about lighting things on fire and watching them explode in the air, after all, here in the mountains of Colorado we're smack in the middle of wildfire country.

But. Then we heard about the Flying Tea Rocket experiment, and realized the day when Americans celebrate our country's birthday with fireworks was on the horizon and ... we work at a tea company and ... well, we'll stop trying to justify our behavior, and just show you the video.


Anyway, we got the idea for this nifty party trick at Steve Spangler Science, where you can get the directions and the scientific reason for why it works, and we'll give you the usual disclaimer about being careful when you light anything on fire inside. (Ahem. What we did was wait until our boss was out of town, and then used his office.) You also might wonder why a tea company that specializes in pyramid-shaped sachets be so excited about something you can do with a traditional paper teabag, and to that we say: Have you met our Organic Paisley Label Tea line, featuring a finer cut of tea in traditional paper teabags that are great for science experiments? (That last part is not a typical selling point when we pitch people Paisley Label Tea.) But they come in a number of delicious flavors, are less expensive than our other teas. Even so, if it still pains you to dump out tea in order to try this for yourself, we'd recommend buying a dirt cheap tea for this purpose ... which is something we never recommend. And we're not gonna name names, but there's plenty of dirt cheap tea out there.

Happy Independence Day, tea lovers!


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