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According to legend (just kidding, everybody knows this story), professional golfer Arnold Palmer once ordered* an iced tea combined with lemonade at a bar, and ever since, this refreshing mix has been called the Arnold Palmer.

*Fun Fact: This ordered happened in 1960 at the U.S. Open at the Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver, in our own home state of Colorado. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

We love a good Arnold Palmer here at Two Leaves and a Bud Tea Company, and can often be found mixing our own Organic Black Iced Tea with lemonade, of course. And then we had one of those lightbulb moments we probably could have had several summers ago (but come on, summer here in the mountains is short, and we get really busy hiking, biking, fishing, rafting and stuff): What other tea combinations would be really great with lemonade?

Paisley Label Tea and Lemonade taste-off in our office kitchenette -- not so highly scientific, but sure tasted great!

Paisley Label Tea and Lemonade taste-off in our office kitchenette -- not so highly scientific, but sure tasted great!


This week we brewed up some of our own Organic Paisley Label Tea, mixed in some lemonade, and had everyone stand around our tiny kitchenette counter to taste and throw out opinions. Some of them were so good, we actually surprised ourselves! Our method was brewing half the amount of water you'd normally use with a teabag to make a concentrated tea, and then combining that with the same amount of Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade, because we love that stuff. Using this recipe, the tea spoke up for itself, and the lemonade added just the right amount of sweetness and tart flavor.

Here you go, tea lovers, our fantastic recommendations for Paisley Palmers!

"Pinky in the Air Palmer": Paisley Label Tea Organic Earl Grey with lemonade

Knock us over with a feather -- turns out the Brits are really onto something when they squeeze a slice of lemon into Earl Grey! This drink was a fruity, wonderful combination of premium black tea, the orangy-citrus bergamot oil flavor that Earl Grey lovers adore, and lemonade.

"Bloody Good Palmer": Paisley Label Tea Organic Tart Blood Orange with lemonade

This herbal tea makes a great backdrop with lemonade because while it doesn't have any black tea (and therefore, no caffeine), it is both super fruity and has a tad of spice (because the tea includes a dash of cinnamon). Sound intriguing? Go for it, orange lovers.

"Happy Dance Palmer": Paisley Label Tea Organic Tart Berry with lemonade

Named in honor of the staff member who did a happy dance as soon as this combo hit her tongue. Our Tart Berry herbal tea is such a big powerhouse of sweet-tart berry flavor that often people don't believe us when we tell them this tea isn't sweetened, so just imagine it paired up with lemonade! Lip smacking and happy dance inducing.

"Kickin' Palmer": Paisley Label Tea Organic Ginger Green with lemonade

We wanted to try a green tea with lemonade, and everyone knows that ginger makes a nice pair with lemon. We thought it was a nice balance of the sweet-tart of lemonade and the peppery taste of ginger, to cure whatever ails ya! (Should you end up with a cold, which can happen when you least expect it. Like in the summertime.)

"Loudly Lemon Palmer": Paisley Label Tea Organic Tart Meyer Lemon with lemonade

This one was a bit controversial among our staff, some of whom aren't in love with big lemon flavor and labeled it "medicinal", and others who felt mo' lemon, mo' better. If you are one of those lemon lovers, we'd recommend this caffeine free blend!


One last note: We tasted all of these at room temperature, adding the lemonade well after the tea had cooled down, because we didn't want hot tea or ice cubes to screw around with our tastebuds. But we encourage you to experiment with ice cubes and other additions and tell us what kind of Paisley Palmer blows your hair back! Cheers to summer, tea lovers! <*clink* with a tall Paisley Palmer>

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