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You can, in fact, take it with you! You can, in fact, take it with you!

If we were the Jeff Foxworthy of tea companies and had a whole routine of, "You might be a tea lover if ..." we'd definitely include this:

"If you've ever been searching your purse or laptop bag, and hit a thin layer of crumbled up dried tea leaves when your hand reached the bottom ... you might be a tea lover."

Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you. Yup ... and we know why. (Now put your hand down. People are beginning to stare.) Tea lovers know how wonderful it is to heat up some water and plunk some tea leaves — loose leaf tea, bagged or in a tea sachet — in there for an instant teatime, anytime or anywhere. So it's totally normal to grab some tea on the way out the door in the morning with plans for that teatime later. But isn't it disappointing when your best intentions in the morning are followed by a day full of cramming things into and pulling things out of that bag, and your tea explodes all over the place?

We hope this doesn't sound too braggy, but we've had this problem figured out for years now. That's why our tea sachets come individually wrapped. The clear sleeves let you see the quality tea inside each sachet, keep our tea as fresh as possible, and make those sachets for teatime extremely portable! But here's another important point for you: A number of people ask us why we wrap up our sachets like this, when it involves using more packaging. We have a couple of answers for that. First, we do it for all of the reasons we're listing here, including the taste of superior tea when it's as fresh as it can be, and because it's so portable. And second (and most importantly), both our loose leaf tea sachets and our sleeves are made out of materials that are designed to decompose. We care about excess waste just as much as you do, so we solved our own problem. We're thinkers like that.

One of the biggest compliments we get from true tea lovers is when they tell us that they really prefer loose leaf tea (which we also sell, but that's beside the point), but when they're on-the-go, our sachets give them the taste of truly great, whole leaf loose tea to go ... anywhere! We're bringing this up now because you might be trying to get in an extra summer vacation, and we don't want you to forget the tea. We've taken our own tea sachets around the world with us on our travels, and we've practiced saying, "just some hot water, please," in many languages so we're never without our favorite beverage.

And those crumbled up tea leaves in the bottom of our purses and laptop bags? Doesn't happen anymore. Our individually wrapped tea sachets are so great, they might end our Jeff-Foxworthy-of-tea-companies career. Man, that's a shame.

Worth mentioning: Our colorful sachet sleeves match any piece of luggage!

Worth mentioning: Our colorful sachet sleeves match any piece of luggage!

ps: One last thing, tea lovers: We love tea so much that we never want to encounter a road block to our favorite brew. So, you know when you're out and about, and the right temperature of boiling water is hard to come by? Our Paisley Label Tea is great for those times. It's a finer cup of organic tea in traditional paper teabags, so it brews up fast and strong, regardless of how hot (or not so hot) the water is. It seems like we've thought of everything, doesn't it?!

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