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... or don't.

... or don't.

We don't do that.

What don't you do, you ask? We don't change up flavors of tea according to the season — in fact, we loathe using the word "flavors" to refer to tea, because we're afraid it may have an association with scientists in lab coats in very cold, sterile kitchen-like environments, using eye droppers to create synthetic tastes, tricking your tongue into believing it has just enjoyed a sizzling piece of bacon, or perhaps a juicy peach, when really it's just a new chemical compound.

And we don't ever think anyone has ever sipped a lovely cuppa' tea and then said, "Mmmm ... that chemical compound is really satisfying."

We do love tea made with organically grown leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, and herbal teas made with delicious, grown-in-nature ingredients like flowers, berries, herbs and spices.

So let's take a look at what has become the scourge of an otherwise gorgeous, brisk fall season: the annual onslaught of "Pumpkin Spice" anything. You know exactly what we're talking about — and we're happy to report we sense most people agree with us on this one, even if they enjoy a seasonal drink now and then. On our social media feed the other day we saw a photo of a sign in a Mexican restaurant that said, "Pumpkin Spice Tacos are here! Just kidding. Drink tequila."

And we almost snorted tea out of our noses, we were laughing so hard.

But good news, tea lovers! You know what tastes a lot like fall to us, that we sell year-round, because we love it that much? Our very own Organic Mountain High Chai! Like the best chai teas in the world, it's a gorgeous blend of black tea and spices. In fact, when you check out our online map of what's in this tea of ours, it's like a trip around the world: Organic black tea from India! Organic cardamom seeds from Guatemala! Organic orange peel from Africa! Organic clove buds from Sri Lanka and organic cinnamon from Indonesia! That's a lot of exclamation points right there, but when was the last time you were happy about drinking something grown on three different continents, completely organically?

Big, big chai, baby.

Big, big chai, baby.


Oh, and do you want to kick this love of chai thing up a couple of notches? Then you really need to meet our Really Really Big Chai loose tea (yeah, that's really the name, and you'll see why). It's got the biggest pieces of orange, clove buds, star anise and other spices, for a big pow of flavor, and you can brew it however you like (like maybe with some extra black tea thrown in?).

So anyway, enjoy whatever kind of pumpkin spice thing makes you happy this fall season, but when you're ready for some lab coat-free, organic, non-GMO tea, we'll be here for you. Cheers to autumn, tea lovers.


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