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When cozy comes calling, you must answer.

When cozy comes calling, you must answer.

Have you ever heard the Dutch word "Gezellig"? The thing about this word that is so puzzling is that Dutch people and foreigners will tell you it's a word that can't be translated, perhaps because its definition is so broad that the Dutch choose to use one word where people in English might use 20. But here's the deal, and here's why we're thinking of it right now: Gezellig is the concept of something being cozy and inviting, as well as friendly and comfortable, quaint and relaxing. In Dutch culture, a cafe with a dark wood interior, low wattage lights and an atmosphere that's just begging you to linger is definitely gezellig. A fast food restaurant would not be.

Maybe you already know how we feel about pumpkin spice this and that, but if you don't, suffice to say that we think it takes a lot more than artificial pumpkin and spice flavors to get that gazellig vibe flowing. At this time of year when the nights and mornings feel crisper because our part of the world is tilting a little farther away from the sun, our love of tea seems to mushroom. We also love the concept of gezellig, but since we're not Dutch, we're going to make a list ... mostly because we love making lists. (We love a lot of things, in fact. Have you ever checked out #StuffTeaPeopleLike?) Presenting:

The Cozy List*

*Tea not included, because if you're reading this, you've probably got that part already covered, right?

  1. A throw blanket
  2. Comfy seating
  3. A great book (or a good Netflix marathon)
  4. Proper lighting, in the form of a lamp or overhead lighting that's not glaringly bright
  5. Slippers or fantastic socks
  6. A candle that you're under strict orders not to leave burning unattended. (Fires are cozy, but not when your house is burning to the ground.)
  7. A furry pet, if you've got one.

It's a short list because in our opinion, once you've got a cuppa' tea that you love, you're already halfway to gezellig. But we want to know from you: which items did we leave off the list that are your cozy necessities? Let us know in the comments!


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