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"Manly" tea parties aren't out of the question for Father's Day ... but we've got plenty of ideas to choose from.

"Manly" tea parties aren't out of the question for Father's Day ... but we've got plenty of other ideas, too.

Hey tea lovers, Father's Day is on deck, and if you're like we are when it comes to this holiday, you may be long on appreciation but short on ideas for how to celebrate the dads in your life. So we did some brainstorming and came up with a few ways you might spend the day, starting with one for the dads who love tea but live far away:

earl-grey-retail-box-with-sachetGet Grey: Honor those noblemen in your life with Earl Grey! We're putting one of our most popular teas on sale for 15% off, and that goes for our Two Leaves and a Bud whole leaf tea sachets, and our Paisley Label line of traditional teabags. Your tea loving dad probably knows that Earl Grey is black tea with a hint of citrus, but he might not know that ours is top quality black tea from Assam, India, paired with natural bergamot oil (a citrus fruit grown in Bergamo, Italy.)

And for those dads who are important to you and live close by, we'd never stop you from first sharing a cuppa' tea with them to get the day going, of course, and then taking some action instead of just handing him a card that you've so lovingly signed. Try one of these:

Get Active: Take him (and his dog?) on a walk or a hike! Head to a park with a Frisbee. Get thee to a driving range and wack a few golf balls way out there. Hand him an iced tea and park him on a lawn chair while you wash his car (don't forget to vacuum out the inside — that's love). Go to a sporting event and watch other people get active while you and your dad practice your 12-ounce curls.

Get Cultured: Our definition of "culture" is pretty loose, so we're not strictly talking about attending the symphony or dragging Dad to the nearest art museum — although those are totally viable options. Check the newspaper for free outdoor concerts or a lecture that looks interesting. Go grab lunch in some part of your city or town you don't normally spend much time in. Wander into a bookstore together and feel free to go your separate ways to browse ... if he finds a book that looks good, buy it for him. Go to a movie. Hey - superhero blockbusters could be considered culturally significant.

Get Grilling: This is your call — if Dad wants to put his feet up and watch you prepare a meal, let him. Otherwise, maybe you just need to get the fire going, marinade some meat and crack open a package of bratwurst, and hand your dad, grandpa or husband the tongs and a beer (or iced tea) and let him do that poking at the fire and meat thing that men so love to do. You can make sure his glass never empties, his favorite music is playing and the potato salad is well chilled. Don't forget the watermelon.

Get Outta Town: Take him for a drive - make it interesting and rent a nice car for the day you'll both enjoy spending time in, if you don't have one. Explore someplace new together. Ask him where he wants to go. Visit somebody he hasn't seen in a while. Start planning a trip together if heading out of town isn't an option today.

If we could be accused of having a point here with this blog post, it's that as long as you're doing something to acknowledge a father in your life who is important — your own dad, someone else's dad, the father of your kids — you'll probably end up making some solid memories in the process. That's definitely something to celebrate. What have we forgotten? Leave any ideas in the comments so we can dazzle our dads on June 19. And happy Father's Day, tea lovers.

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