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Get your tea when and how you want it.

Tired of waiting in line at your local café? They don’t have the flavors you want? Too embarrassed to ask for your tea exactly how you want it? With the super powers of Amazon Prime and the skills of the tea geeks at Two Leaves and a Bud, your tea will be made to order and waiting in the Prime Locker nearest you at exactly the right time, down to the second. It’s Amazon Prime Tea Time!

“Coffee drinkers have been accustomed to personalization for decades now. But what about tea drinkers? What choices are offered to tea drinkers beyond “hot” or “iced”?!” says Two Leaves and a Bud marketing manager, Christy Garfield. “Imagine the looks you’d get if you asked your barista to remove the tea sachet from the cup after precisely 5 minutes of steeping – without squeezing the bag, and to slowly stir your tea until 1 tablespoon of honey is fully dissolved?”

That is why we’ve partnered with Amazon to get you the customization you desire, with no judgement, and exceptional attention to detail. When you first log on to our Prime Tea Time app, you’ll set up your preferences with a simple 100-question survey. Then you’ll be able to place your tea orders with one-click, or a kind request to Alexa. Unless, of course, you want something different every time, in which case you may spend more time entering your order than actually drinking tea, but it’s worth it for the customization.

Amazon’s advanced algorithms will analyze your preferences and order history to suggest tea types and preparations you will enjoy. But most importantly it aids in our ability to predict your next order, which allows us to get orders to you lightning fast – even a cup of Organic Chamomile at 2am to help you get back to sleep.

Want to pick up your tea every day on your way to work? We offer Subscribe and Save. It’s now easier than ever to get the tea you love, how you want it, when you want it with Two Leaves and a Bud and Amazon’s Prime Tea Time!

Okay, sound too good to be true? It is. *Happy April Fool’s Day! For following our joke this far, here’s a coupon for 20% off site-wide, good through Tuesday, 4/2/19, 11:59PM MTN time: Use code PrimeTea at checkout.

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