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Nice Matcha Lemonade
Nice Matcha Lemonade created by Barista Pro Shop

It’s still hot out there, folks. Between all the school supplies on display and the pumpkin advertising peeking out, it may seem like fall is creeping up on us. But the good old heat is there to remind us: it’s still summer time in the Northern Hemisphere. If you’re like us, you’ve used, and re-used, all of your summertime drink recipes by now. Don’t sweat (we like our puns); here’s a fresh one for you.

Strawberry Matcha Lemonade (16 oz)

- 1 heaping tbsp Nice Matcha
- 4 oz hot (or at least warm) water
- 8 oz strawberry lemonade (or regular lemonade is tasty too!) Our favorite lemonade is Santa Cruz Organic.
- ice

1) Pour water and Nice Matcha in a shaker and whisk until clumps are gone.
2) Add lemonade and ice, and shake.
3) Pour (ice and all) into a glass, or strain over ice, leaving old ice in shaker.
4) Garnish with a strawberry (optional).


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